Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Farwell to Arms

Alas, the day has come that I have been dreading since January. The United States has passed on, and is sadly an idea of the past. Welcome to the year 2008 and the Peoples Republic of America (thank you Meghan). As you all know, I am not a supporter of a big government. I do not need a big brother telling me what to do every step of every day. If I mess up so what, that's what I got a .357 Magnum for. Which brings me to my topic today, the loss of all my guns. Sure I can keep them till the inauguration in January, but what about after that? Will I lose everyone that I have acquired legally, and use responsibly to protect myself from tyranny? Probably. Thus do this major disagreement, I have decided to contemplate the idea of succeeding from the Union and forming a new state. Will is start a civil war? Nope, I am just one person, but maybe just maybe others will follow in my footsteps. Of course I will be dead and gone by then due to the fact the government will wipe me out. I am not calling for a violent revolution. Just a representation for a nation that still respect democracy and freedom. I want to wake up in the morning and decide who gets my tax dollars. I want to decide how I spend my money, not someone with an excess amount of it telling me how I spend it. So as of this day, I encourage everyone to start writing their congressman and voicing their opinion. Eventually the fire will catch on and it will spread. Just like back in the olden days of Mel Gibson, the people will prevail over tyranny. Http:// follow this link to directly contact good ol' Lamar, and if you prefer Johnny then follow this one, We elected them, now let them know how you feel about the changes that are gonna take place.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Joining the Army

Last blog I promised to provide my views on affirmative action, but due to the demand of the media and how much I am supposed to hate the Black man because of his color I will digress that topic for now. As usual my after school routine involves going by some gun shop to waste a ridiculous amount of money so I can prepare for the revolution. The last trip however was the best one yet. No not because I finally got my AK, but because I was approached by an Army recruiter. Let me inform you on the dialogue that took place. Army recruiter (AR for short), "Hi, young man." Me, "What's up g?" AR, "So you like guns and shootin' stuff?" Me, "Hells yeah!" AR, "Well young man, how would you like to shoot people?" Me, "You had me at hello." Long story short I didn't join the army because I am mentally unstable...and I crap too much. The point I wanna make is how well this old man did. He knew exactly how to catch my attention! If everyone recruiter tried this approach I am sure the army would be overflowing with people, but alas there is one point he left out...sometimes they shoot back. Either way my hat is off to the guy for the best recruiter of the year award. Most of the time I don't give them the time of day because if I wanna join the army I call up the Notourious M.E.G. and say beeotch let me in. And besides people like me don't make good soldiers, I shoot everything that moves...twice. The main point is this guy truly loves his job, lucky cracker. Why can't I find a job I truly love? Oh well I thought I would share the funniest recruitment story ever with my three readers. Peace out crackers, tell your mothers and sisters I said hi.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Government Bail-Out

Well many of my faithful readers have asked so here it is, my views on the government bail-out. Did I make reader bad it should only be reader. AIG, a leading insurance firm has asked for the government to bail them out, along with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (who killed Bernie Mac R.I.P).
My number one concern with the government bail-out has to do with communism. For those of you who don't know, my colors don't run...period. If you say they do, well pardner, thems is fightin' words. Communist countries own their health care which most definately blows. Communists own their lending companies, but 99% of the time they are so broke they have no money to lend. Back in my US history class we learned that the Republican party wanted a more anonymous central government. It seems to me that is not the case anymore. So is there any difference between the democrats and Republicans? You tell me cause I can't see one. Someone please enlighten me. For me this pushes my colors and makes me want to succeed from the Union...again.
The number two concern is simple, I have student loan debt and the President has not called me to see if I needed a bail out. Which of course I do need a bail-out, big time. My friends Chris's will agree with me here, they could use a bail-out too. If you bail out the people in debt in America will it equal 700 billion dollars? It probably will, but think of what that would do for the economy! We would be dept free and have tons of credit able to get more debt with! Visa corp are you listening?
My last concern is more of a solution taken from my fellow brothers on Magnolia Avenue when they need extra cash. Lets rob a mother. Surely there is some country out there that looks like an all night liquor store (Iraq) waiting to get assaulted. If we still all their oil and sell it we could make a fortune! Mr. Bush please take me seriously. I will even help you, I'll bring the panty hose and guns you just pick me up in the chopper. We can roll up in their capital with our guns blasting saying everyone done this is a mother &*$^&*#& stick-up. Cash here, jewels here, women here, oil here, and children here...we can sell them on the black market for orans like they do in Columbia and China. Of course this is ludacriss, will work.
Now it is time for a serious discussion, succeeding from the Union. All of those in favor of these say I and comment me. I am ready for the Confederate Order of Concerned Kin (C.O.C.K.) to form and rise up against this Communist plan. My next blog will be on Affirmative Action

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Latest Conspiracy

Saturday started as a normal day for me, but as my day continued I found myself eating a footlong hot dog at Sonic Drive-In and the question was posed to me by my S.O. why do hot dogs come in ten packs but the hot dug buns come in eight packs. The answer is simple...CONSPIRACY! As I type this the Merita bread president is currently listening to my voice mail I left him, and is probably on the telephone with agent 47 right now planning my assasination because I have learned of such a conspiracy. This is not just a conspiracy, but a problem plaguing the nation that is much larger than the bailout crisis. Think of all the excess waste, do you throw away the extra hotdogs or buy two packs of buns and toss out the extras? Fortunate for me my mom weighs about 300 pounds so she eats everything left over. What about the starving people in the motherland of Africa? I bet they would love to eat our buns and extra dogs. Should we as a people start the Weiners for African Natives Group, a.k.a W.A.N.G? I believe this is a huge concern and I will alert Johnny Duncan about it. Another strong point I can pose as a problem with my new conspiracy is how much it is hurting the environment. Think of how many animals, packaging, and energy can be saved by lowering the count of Hot Dogs to 8. Lets see my family eats a pack of dogs a week so thats about 2 hotdogs a person per week and with the US population at 303,824,648 so lets say 607,649,296 hotdogs are consumed in the household a year not counting ball parks and fairs and fat camps. That number is perfectly divisible by 8 which will make 75,956,162 packs a year but if the pack stays at ten then America is plagued by extra dogs. I am tired of buy 8 packs of hot dogs and 10 packs of wieners just to have an even number! Do you have any idea of how eating that many hot dogs does to my six pack abs!! My last and final point of the hot dog conspiracy is lowering the hotdog production will increase demand causing the price to increase raising the hot dog workers wages unless the CEO gets greedy. This in turn gives the worker more money to spend causing the economy to increase. Check and mate Obama and McCain. I figured out how to fix the economy in less than 55 minutes listening to a teacher rambling in Spanish. I have spoken my piece and counted to three all that can be said now is, "Gopher Everett?"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School's Back

The OG is back, I swear it ought to be a crime to be this hood. Today's topic of interest is a pretty powerful issue at UT, lowering the drinking age. As I listen to the primary argument that if a person can die for your country then that person should be able to drink. That is a very good point, if they decide if the person next to them in the desert is a terrorist or an Iraqi citizen then I am sure they can decide if they want a beer. However, the ones who are pushing the hardest on this issue have never even held a gun, little on thought about a joining Uncle Sams army. At 18 was I mature enough to drink alcohol contrably? No...and I am still not!!! The age of a person doesn't matter when it comes to maturity, my Dad is pushing 50 and is still not responsible enough yet. Does the drinking age, it's there mind set. So should we lower, absolutely!! There is nothing more exciting to me than a bunch on intoxicated 18 year old women ( get out the camera were gonna see some boobies). There would be more opportunities to drive under the influence too!! Ever drove drunk? I haven't but it sounds fun to do. That is definitely safe for the community. My next argument, and due to class starting, will be renewing prohibition. Yes, it will send our economy into a depression, but look what happened when it was repealed!! Nothing but a booming economy...and some small conflict in Europe. Moonshiners will love it too, their profit will increase by a billion fold. So in my opinion for what it is worth, lets lower the drinking age!! Now were did I put my Jack.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Back for the First Time

Ok people be watching for an updated blog soon, the wheels in my little brain are turning and something big always happens in the end.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Government Assisted Suicide

It's been a while since I have posted, but now, after much disappointment to the powers that be, I am back. As in the new Grand Theft Auto IV game, Daddy's back b*tches!
Today's topic is government assisted suicide which is illegal in the United States of America. However, it is occurring everyday in our country in the form of Medicare Part D. What does the government do to the sick invalids it no longer sees fit to live in our society? They quit covering their prescription medicines necessary and force them to use inferior drugs that cost a considerate amount less. At first the participants in this new program did not see anything but benefits until they hit the Medicare gap, that is when the old people start dying. Why can no one see the consequences of this government sponsored program but me? If someone does not step in soon, the same ill fate will befall each and everyone of us as we become part of the aging population. Yes, even we will turn old...probably not me as I will die in a fiery motorcycle crash to die instead of being old and dying from the suicide part D. Anyway back to the topic, I recommend telling all old people to refrain from enrolling in suicide part D, and do what God intended us to do with them; TAKE CARE OF THEM. It is our responsibility to take care of our parents among all the aging populations for we are all children of God and we must do unto others as we want done to us. Just a reminder for when the old people make you mad, set back and say someday that will be my privilege to be crazy and senile.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Don't Be Stupid

Bad driving, prescription errors, pissing me off, all of these things happen because of people being stupid. Why is everyone in today's capitalistic society so stupid? If only the strong survive, shouldn't 99% of the population be dead all ready (thus disproving the theory of can send me a thank-you card later Pat Robertson)? I like to blame this glitch in society on the new theory of "Shelter Effect," another one of Dr. Craig's great theories.
I am not speaking of a literal shelter, such as housing, but as a metaphorical shelter. Parents, teachers, friends, have all sheltered us out of love and concern, but in doing so have made many generations of people dumb and lazy. So many sheltered people have lost the one thing that truly separates us from the great apes, the ability of free thought. Society is becoming a herd of sheep following a shepard off a cliff of disappointment.
Now that everyone is aware of the problem let us focus on what is causing it. My biggest concern is teacher involvement with students. Teacher's have become so lenient on rules and policies we are able to run them over. I understand if a teacher feels like they are helping the student, but in actually this is putting the collar around the sheep's neck. Sometimes a person needs to put there foot down and say no more. A little dose of the real world may be just what the doctor ordered because your new boss in the world of despair will not accept an assignment late. If the sheep learn responsibility it will go a long way towards being curing the stupidity.
How many times have you gone to your wise parent's for help? I can't count that high I failed calculus, but a metric ton if you are like me. Have they usually done the job for you because you were taking to long or doing it wrong. This little parental "care" habit will dumb your children and make them blend in with society. Their entire lives they will wait for someone else to to it for them. I urge my readers to step back and take a look at how they do their day to day activities and write down all the dumb things they do. I urge everyone to stop being a sheep and start being a wolf and eating the sheep...yum...sheep chops. I urge society to not be STUPID. Together we can make a difference, together my people, we can start the "Don't be Stupid Revolution." I will start making T-Shirts and bumper stickers to help remind you and everyone who reads them. Come on reader's VIVA REVOLUTION.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Immigration Problem...Nope immigration solution.

Before I begin I would like to dedicate this blog to all of my redneck family that thoroughly hates immigration. Your bigotry and hate may only carry you so far in this new society of "tossed salad" we live in, and the time has come for you to listen to the younger generation and Maxine's Boy's Boy.
The most obvious immigration take over in my hometown is with the illegal Hispanic population. The most common argument I hear from the inbred locals is, "Them there wetties are takin' all of our jobs." Seriously toothless creep, when was the last time you picked fruit for a career? To go even further when was the last time you worked in a place long enough to call it a career. Although that is another problem entirely and will be addressed in next weeks blog, "The Career of the Year." Anyway to appease my family and keep them off my radical hippie tree-hugging, SUV hating back, here is the solution to your "problem."
Every time an illegal alien of any race is captured he shall promptly be forced into military service across the great Atlantic Ocean into modern day Iraq. There he shall be trained in hand to hand combat and given a gun. Many opponents to this theory say, "They can't understand orders." Well pulling a trigger is universal in all languages. Once the enemy is defeated and teabagged appropriately the ones who survived shall be given a parade and citizenship into the United States of America.
Let me tell you, the people, the benefits of my plan. The first and foremost is America will not look like the bad guys anymore because it will be a bunch of Hispanic people running around shooting them. They will thus hate Central America. Second is a very important one for me seeing how I live in the Ghetto. There will be less killings from stray drive-by bullets. The immigrants will get a ton more target practice from shooting the enemy so their aim will be more deadly and accurate. Third, a new gang color in America will be great, sure you got the blue crips and red bloods, but how about the indigo immigrants. You can never have enough color in society. Fourth and perhaps one of my favorites will be the increase in Hispanic restaurants. Any race that can develop a dish as tasty as a chimichanga is definitely blessed by God, and has America's blessing as well. What's even better about this war strategy is the endless supply of immigrants. Everyone wants to jump into America. I guess the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, but it's obviously not my yard they are seeing. Until they return with full citizenship then they are mowing it.
This solution if, given time, will have numerous more benefits, but due to space and the attention span of the readers of this blog I shall digress my opinions and feelings and leave it straight to the facts. John McCain if you are listening please take this idea into consideration. We can call it the Tennessee Transition Act of 2008. I wish all of my readers well and hope you had a safe and Happy April Fools day considering you are all fools for waisting your time on this blog.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oil Dependency

One of the most popular topics in the campaign for presidency is the "war of terror." Of course the real terror is possibly in our own government, but that is another blog for another time. How many extremist and terrorist are backed by oil-producing countries? Lots of them according to the media. Who supports these giant dinosaur loving corporations? We do. What would happen to their economy if the entire United States of America went an entire week without buying gas? Probably nothing, because everyone would give them money on day 8 making up for all the deficits. What if America could reduce their oil consumption for a long-term period instead of a short term? Complete and utter chaos would follow in the middle east (which is still the normal). The people who own the oil come from countries who have no other economy. A drop in oil consumption would kill them, making them beg for America's generous help to feed their dying poor. They would also have no more money for RPG's thus making the war on terror completely least on foreign soil. I beg the good people who read this blog to stop using so much oil and stick it to the terrorist, at least until I buy stock in an oil company then I demand you to use the devil out of it and I will turn republican. So a question to consider for next time, "If the terrorist are supported by oil tycoons and the oil is brought to us by companies like BP, Texaco, and Shell etc..., are they not terrorist themselves?" I know these companies sure do terrorize my wallet.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Global Warming

My least favorite time of year for those of my readers who do not know me well enough to already know is Winter. However, with the advent of the global warming problem this may soon be a thing of the past. I am having a hard time discovering what is so bad about the "problem." Global warming is a release of excess carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for those uneducated people from Tennessee. What do plants consume to start the process of photosynthesis? The answer is carbon dioxide. An increase in the carbon dioxide means happier plants that produce more oxygen. The next problem the opposition wants to push is the melting of the polar ice caps. A tragedy yes for the people who live along the coastal cities, but I will be that much closer to the beach. Invest in property in the Appalachian Mountains soon because it will be priceless when the water rises and will be a mountainous and beach front region! What about the displaced wildlife that inhabits the polar regions? Simple, it is a proven fact from Michael Craig, Ph. D that penguins really want to be warm and hate their cold land. Polar bears much prefer the habitat of the zoo where they can entertain children of all ages. And perhaps the most important and over looked organism of all are the Inuits. They will lose land and their igloo homes for no ice will be available. What are they gonna do? They will have to become normal Natives like the rest of the people we took the land from, and began to manufacture coolers with the name of Igloo. What about the hole in Ozone layer that is forming? Well people are always going on about having a sun tan, and now the sun can reach them that much easier for that natural islands look. Will this cause a rise in skin cancer? Absolutely! Which will cause an increase in the economy to pull us out of the recession we are in because cancer people need medicine! It will pump unheard of millions into the health care system fueling a revival in the economy. So the next time you fill up with gas remember the simple question, "How can I get terrible gas mileage and increase the carbon dioxide levels."

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Greatest Liar in the World

If I lied to you everyday since you were born would you believe a word I said? If I lied to you even for a week would you believe a word I said? My ex-girlfriends please do not answer that. I hope the answer is no. However, what if I told you everyday you believe someone who has done nothing but lie to you. Does this person know he/she is lying to you? Absolutely. Who is it? The meteorologist. How in the world can anyone even attempt to predict the weather 10 days in advance? They can not predict the weather even one day in advance so why try for ten. If the meteorologist tells me the day before there is a 95% chance for rain or 5% chance for rain...then it will rain. In some regions the weather is even ridiculously easy to predict. For example my old homestead of South Florida, how hard is it to guess it's gonna rain? It rained everyday! However despite the lies they tell us to our face everyday we continue to believe them. I ask my readers, all 2 of you, to stand up against this oppression and fight for what is right, the truth. Make the weather people get up on TV and say, "Tomorrow it will be either Sunny, Cloudy, or Rainy." They would guess the weather right and not lie. Until this day happens we the people can not pursue life, liberty and happiness. It is a constitutional violation to be incorrect about the weather. How about that 5 minutes they spend on the weather every news cast the TV stations put something beneficial in there about corrupt police or corrupt politicians or corrupt police or corrupt police. Did I mention corrupt police? Until this day I shall be here at UT library wallowing in my self-pity since I can not pursue happiness. Be looking in the future people about how the weather is controlled and made. The answer will surprise you I guarantee it.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rude People Suck

Why are some people so rude? Do these people honestly think they will get better treatment? This doesn't occur just in people from the North like most negative behavioral traits, but is common among the backwoods people of the South. Do these people think by instilling fear in some young kid making minimum wage or some poor lady who is working to allow her child to go get an education so he/she can become a rude person also? The answer in my opinion is NO! If a certain person is mean to me I will not go out of my way to be friendly, and certainly not helpful. In fact, most of the time I am rude and a smart donkey back. The people who get the finest treatment are the ones who happen to be nice to me. If they go out of their way to be friendly to me, I will make sure I go out of my way to return the favor. So back to my original question, Why are some people so rude? Is it because someone urinated in their Cheerio's? Did they wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Did something crawl up into their nether reigons and die? No, the answer is an ego and self confidence issue. The rude people are thoroughly convinced that they are weak, and to compensate for this must be forceful and hateful with others. Another reason for their rudeness is anger because they are so insecure with themselves. They constantly walk around leading their poor spouse on a leash because of a lack of trust. They further on instill their insecurities to themselves, and get angry because they have a lack of testosterone or estrogen depending on the gender. So why write this blog? What is this going to change in a rude person? Probably nothing, but using a direct threat on their manhood or womanhood will make them angry and give them a reason to be angry and rude. I just hope a rude person reads this and thinks, "Hey that might be my problem," and do something to change it. How can a rude person change their problem? Simple get an uglier spouse you can trust because no person in their sane minds would touch their ugliness, several Botox injections to compensate for the sagging frown, testosterone or estrogen replacement therapy, or, my personal favorite, move to the North where society calls you normal.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Hypocrtitcal Preacher

"Jesus Christ," not in a religious way, but in a taking the Lord's name in vain way. I am not a biblical scholar by any means, but I am pretty sure there is some kind of commandment against using this particular phrase. The surprising part....this was from a disgruntled preacher who came to our pharmacy this weekend. No person on Earth will ever accuse me of being a saint or even a good person, but maybe they expect more from their pastor. A pastor if I understand correctly should be especially careful of how he/she appears to the public, and by breaking one of the Ten Commandments in public view is not a good example. This not only reflects poorly on the pastor, but on the flock of believers that he leads every Sunday and Wednesday during the week. How would the world view Jesus if he was to walk around killing and destroying people? Everyone should be more careful how they appear in public because a nonbeliever will probably be watching his/her actions and develop an opinion based on the believers actions. In the preacher's defense, he/she is already viewed in the public as a joke and a quack for his/her beliefs and how he/she will ask the people to send their money to the Lord, but his/her address is on the envelop. I guess from the reputation he/she has acquired this should not have surprised me. Maybe the preacher will stumble upon this blog while searching for a pornographic site, this is so he/she know what evils lurk out their for his/her members, and if he/she does so maybe he/she will take a second thought on his/her actions. However, he/she was going to transfer all their medicines to CVS so it is not my problem anymore. Can I get an amen or a testify?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Man

Every single person who has had some contact with me in any sort of fashion has heard me use the term, “the man is keeping me down.” How many times have you stopped and asked yourself, “Who is the man,” or “what is he smoking.” Let me assure my readers out there that I am not on any types of illicit substances, and have approached this question using the scientific method. The results I have obtained through trial and error are astounding, and after this is blogged I will probably disappear from the face of the Earth because the man decided I have revealed too much of his devilish plan.

The first possible place to begin a search is the obvious answer to the question that the government is keeping us down. While this may be true in many cultures, such as my own corrupt LCPD roots, it can’t be responsible for the man 1000 miles away in a place like Zimbabwe.

The most lame and obvious response is “ourselves.” How in the heck would I be keeping myself down? Do I look like a self oppressing idiot? Ok…don’t answer that! But I am not keeping myself down, or am I? What if it isn’t me but someone directly involved with me, perhaps some beautiful woman oppressing me? Nah, beautiful women keep me UP not down!

If I can have a drum roll here, I am about to reveal an answer…the man is…the wallet monster! How many times have you seen something you need, not want because I need one of everything, two if they are twins, but have no money to blow on it. Every stinking time I open my wallet it gets smaller and smaller. I know I am not spending that much money so the only logical explanation is the Wallet “The Man” Monster. So let me expand on the Wallet Monster.

Genus: Wallaticus Manicus Eatandcuss

Common Name: The Man

Discovered By: Michael S. Craig, Ph.D

Habitat: Dark, leathery places sometimes moist with butt sweat in the case of my Dad who gets striken by him every payday.

Diet: The endangered greenbacks

Breeding Habits: Just like the discoverer, anything that will not move.

Dream Job: To get a Ph.D

Religion: Scientology duh…he’s a star

I hope everyone can become more aware of this sinister creature before the man gets to you. Beware he is like an STD…everywhere.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Southern Invasion

"Did she talk like she just came outta the sticks?" "Everyone here talks like that!" "Better the sticks than the trailer park you crawled from." This was the conversation from the other evening I had with a yankee while at work. She was from what I like to call the DEEP North (upper Michigan). What is wrong with all the dang yankees coming down to the dirty dirty, invading us with the diseases of rudeness! If they hate the people so much and ridicule our obviously superior ways why move down here??? This is because the NORTH BLOWS cold in the winter time. How many times have you been yelled out by a yankee? Why do they think they are better than us? Is it because they sold their trailer for lots of money and move down and get screwed into buying a house in the village? I would hate to be known as one of the village people. For all of you anti-yankee league people out there please be assured most of them come down here to die so it is only a matter of time before they are gone. What makes people from the South so darn nice and friendly? There is a popular theory currently in Draft by Michael S. Craig, Ph.D that is due to the sweetening effect. The accumulation of sweet tea and Mountain Dew over a southerners lifetime will of course make their personality that much sweeter. My other rant is when a Northerner approaches me and ask do you talk so slow and with a drawl? Yankees believe this is because of our inferior intelligence. Let them believe that so I can continue to over charge them for ridiculous services like rain proof gutters, or my personal favorite, Mud resistant dirt. The real reason we speak with such an accent is of course to get all the ladies! So for you Southerners are worried about the invasion fear not I say, let them die off and we will have our land back! PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO YANKS, TEJLA, ALL MY PBA FRIENDS WHO RESIDE IN THE NORTH

Population Control

A day never goes by where I don't see some poor child doped up on Adderall or Ritalin. I stop and ask myself do these kids really have a problem? I was a "hyperactive" child but did my maw and paw but me on drugs? Nope, they gave me tough love. "Son, if you get another unsatisfactory on your conduct report I'm gonna tan your hide." That was all the encouragement and drugs I needed. My friend has currently adopted a child who was severely abused growing up, and then was sent to a trouble academy where a quack Doctor put him on more medicines that I can count. In just a few weeks of having a loving and stable home the child has already improved and sadly is probably gonna be smarter than some of my friends. What is the amazing part about this story? The love, the stability? Neither, the child has been taken off most of his meds by a real doctor, and guess what is doing BETTER. Is this a scientific case study? Nope not even in the smallest amount, however it proves my point so it is written in stone. What should happen to the parents of the children? Lets take the drugs they give their kids, and put them on them so they can be crazed members of society...well to late for the craze let them be members of society anyway. Another suggestion is to keep these "parents" from ever becoming......well Parents? Shall I take my fathers suggestion and shoot them? Yes simple and quick I know, and it will spur the economy, think of all the ammo sold and the janitors to clean up the GOO! I however and in favor of what my good ol' buddy Bob Barker had to say on the subject, "Spay and Neuter your pets." That's basically what these people are. They are not smarter than Mom's mutt dog, and thus should be fixed liked one. When the parents have an IQ of 70 and can't read, but how in the crap to they figure out how to reproduce, or make Meth for forms of monetary support. We have got to encourage this from the beginning with something besides "education." Fixing at birth if they are unfortunate to be born to such parents.
Is my view point narrow...Hell yeah it is! Am I wrong...I'm a guy so obviously not. Listen People! Ban Country Music, discourage inbreeding! This is the first of many blog posts to come, stay in touch people, I miss all my peeps from PBA.