Monday, February 25, 2008

Hypocrtitcal Preacher

"Jesus Christ," not in a religious way, but in a taking the Lord's name in vain way. I am not a biblical scholar by any means, but I am pretty sure there is some kind of commandment against using this particular phrase. The surprising part....this was from a disgruntled preacher who came to our pharmacy this weekend. No person on Earth will ever accuse me of being a saint or even a good person, but maybe they expect more from their pastor. A pastor if I understand correctly should be especially careful of how he/she appears to the public, and by breaking one of the Ten Commandments in public view is not a good example. This not only reflects poorly on the pastor, but on the flock of believers that he leads every Sunday and Wednesday during the week. How would the world view Jesus if he was to walk around killing and destroying people? Everyone should be more careful how they appear in public because a nonbeliever will probably be watching his/her actions and develop an opinion based on the believers actions. In the preacher's defense, he/she is already viewed in the public as a joke and a quack for his/her beliefs and how he/she will ask the people to send their money to the Lord, but his/her address is on the envelop. I guess from the reputation he/she has acquired this should not have surprised me. Maybe the preacher will stumble upon this blog while searching for a pornographic site, this is so he/she know what evils lurk out their for his/her members, and if he/she does so maybe he/she will take a second thought on his/her actions. However, he/she was going to transfer all their medicines to CVS so it is not my problem anymore. Can I get an amen or a testify?

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this same topic was actually discussed in "school of pharmacy bible study" on this day by Dr. Wahba. Amen!