Thursday, February 21, 2008

Population Control

A day never goes by where I don't see some poor child doped up on Adderall or Ritalin. I stop and ask myself do these kids really have a problem? I was a "hyperactive" child but did my maw and paw but me on drugs? Nope, they gave me tough love. "Son, if you get another unsatisfactory on your conduct report I'm gonna tan your hide." That was all the encouragement and drugs I needed. My friend has currently adopted a child who was severely abused growing up, and then was sent to a trouble academy where a quack Doctor put him on more medicines that I can count. In just a few weeks of having a loving and stable home the child has already improved and sadly is probably gonna be smarter than some of my friends. What is the amazing part about this story? The love, the stability? Neither, the child has been taken off most of his meds by a real doctor, and guess what is doing BETTER. Is this a scientific case study? Nope not even in the smallest amount, however it proves my point so it is written in stone. What should happen to the parents of the children? Lets take the drugs they give their kids, and put them on them so they can be crazed members of society...well to late for the craze let them be members of society anyway. Another suggestion is to keep these "parents" from ever becoming......well Parents? Shall I take my fathers suggestion and shoot them? Yes simple and quick I know, and it will spur the economy, think of all the ammo sold and the janitors to clean up the GOO! I however and in favor of what my good ol' buddy Bob Barker had to say on the subject, "Spay and Neuter your pets." That's basically what these people are. They are not smarter than Mom's mutt dog, and thus should be fixed liked one. When the parents have an IQ of 70 and can't read, but how in the crap to they figure out how to reproduce, or make Meth for forms of monetary support. We have got to encourage this from the beginning with something besides "education." Fixing at birth if they are unfortunate to be born to such parents.
Is my view point narrow...Hell yeah it is! Am I wrong...I'm a guy so obviously not. Listen People! Ban Country Music, discourage inbreeding! This is the first of many blog posts to come, stay in touch people, I miss all my peeps from PBA.


Tejla said...

wow. turns out you can write. holy crap. good stuff.

Brian L said...

Nice post,

Sort of agree with some of the points you touched about the general dumbing down that's occurring throughout the grand US of A.

Sort of reminds me of the movie "Idocracy"

Comedy-ish movie where basically the future is controlled by the aforementioned people in your post b/c smart/professional/succesful people put off children until later.

anyways, we all miss ya here at PBA, school will never be the same..take care man