Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oil Dependency

One of the most popular topics in the campaign for presidency is the "war of terror." Of course the real terror is possibly in our own government, but that is another blog for another time. How many extremist and terrorist are backed by oil-producing countries? Lots of them according to the media. Who supports these giant dinosaur loving corporations? We do. What would happen to their economy if the entire United States of America went an entire week without buying gas? Probably nothing, because everyone would give them money on day 8 making up for all the deficits. What if America could reduce their oil consumption for a long-term period instead of a short term? Complete and utter chaos would follow in the middle east (which is still the normal). The people who own the oil come from countries who have no other economy. A drop in oil consumption would kill them, making them beg for America's generous help to feed their dying poor. They would also have no more money for RPG's thus making the war on terror completely over...at least on foreign soil. I beg the good people who read this blog to stop using so much oil and stick it to the terrorist, at least until I buy stock in an oil company then I demand you to use the devil out of it and I will turn republican. So a question to consider for next time, "If the terrorist are supported by oil tycoons and the oil is brought to us by companies like BP, Texaco, and Shell etc..., are they not terrorist themselves?" I know these companies sure do terrorize my wallet.


stephsousa said...

Oh man, so true. Being should bike or use government transportation, thats the way to go.

Brian L said...

I believe that a lot of the times, these money grubbing Sauds don't give money back to their people. Similar to how Enron CEO's don't give money back to the average-Joe Citizen.

They drive their rolls-royces and Mercedes around in the middle east and the average joe would be LUCKY to be able to afford a car.

We do need to wean ourselves off of oil though, I do agree with that :D