Monday, April 14, 2008

Don't Be Stupid

Bad driving, prescription errors, pissing me off, all of these things happen because of people being stupid. Why is everyone in today's capitalistic society so stupid? If only the strong survive, shouldn't 99% of the population be dead all ready (thus disproving the theory of can send me a thank-you card later Pat Robertson)? I like to blame this glitch in society on the new theory of "Shelter Effect," another one of Dr. Craig's great theories.
I am not speaking of a literal shelter, such as housing, but as a metaphorical shelter. Parents, teachers, friends, have all sheltered us out of love and concern, but in doing so have made many generations of people dumb and lazy. So many sheltered people have lost the one thing that truly separates us from the great apes, the ability of free thought. Society is becoming a herd of sheep following a shepard off a cliff of disappointment.
Now that everyone is aware of the problem let us focus on what is causing it. My biggest concern is teacher involvement with students. Teacher's have become so lenient on rules and policies we are able to run them over. I understand if a teacher feels like they are helping the student, but in actually this is putting the collar around the sheep's neck. Sometimes a person needs to put there foot down and say no more. A little dose of the real world may be just what the doctor ordered because your new boss in the world of despair will not accept an assignment late. If the sheep learn responsibility it will go a long way towards being curing the stupidity.
How many times have you gone to your wise parent's for help? I can't count that high I failed calculus, but a metric ton if you are like me. Have they usually done the job for you because you were taking to long or doing it wrong. This little parental "care" habit will dumb your children and make them blend in with society. Their entire lives they will wait for someone else to to it for them. I urge my readers to step back and take a look at how they do their day to day activities and write down all the dumb things they do. I urge everyone to stop being a sheep and start being a wolf and eating the sheep...yum...sheep chops. I urge society to not be STUPID. Together we can make a difference, together my people, we can start the "Don't be Stupid Revolution." I will start making T-Shirts and bumper stickers to help remind you and everyone who reads them. Come on reader's VIVA REVOLUTION.


stephsousa said...

Oh dear,
Well I don't want to be anti help, but this has been going on since the beginning of time. So this won't be happening any time soon, but sometimes its good to lend a helping hand, to some people it helps. But I understand where your coming from.

Brian L said...

the revolution will not be televised.

interesting post Mr. Craig

Anonymous said...

Say you wanna, say you wanna
Want a revolution
Want a revolution now!