Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School's Back

The OG is back, I swear it ought to be a crime to be this hood. Today's topic of interest is a pretty powerful issue at UT, lowering the drinking age. As I listen to the primary argument that if a person can die for your country then that person should be able to drink. That is a very good point, if they decide if the person next to them in the desert is a terrorist or an Iraqi citizen then I am sure they can decide if they want a beer. However, the ones who are pushing the hardest on this issue have never even held a gun, little on thought about a joining Uncle Sams army. At 18 was I mature enough to drink alcohol contrably? No...and I am still not!!! The age of a person doesn't matter when it comes to maturity, my Dad is pushing 50 and is still not responsible enough yet. Does the drinking age matter...no, it's there mind set. So should we lower, absolutely!! There is nothing more exciting to me than a bunch on intoxicated 18 year old women ( get out the camera were gonna see some boobies). There would be more opportunities to drive under the influence too!! Ever drove drunk? I haven't but it sounds fun to do. That is definitely safe for the community. My next argument, and due to class starting, will be renewing prohibition. Yes, it will send our economy into a depression, but look what happened when it was repealed!! Nothing but a booming economy...and some small conflict in Europe. Moonshiners will love it too, their profit will increase by a billion fold. So in my opinion for what it is worth, lets lower the drinking age!! Now were did I put my Jack.


Anonymous said...

If you're still looking... I believe you will find Jack in your Coke.

Raging Bull Bee_louie said...

i've sat in a car drunk...but then I have huge motion sickness problems and wasn't feeling very well afterwards =/

The intent of this argument is designed to curtail binge drinking, but as you mentioned, it opens up a plethora of problems associated with it.