Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Government Bail-Out

Well many of my faithful readers have asked so here it is, my views on the government bail-out. Did I make reader plural...my bad it should only be reader. AIG, a leading insurance firm has asked for the government to bail them out, along with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (who killed Bernie Mac R.I.P).
My number one concern with the government bail-out has to do with communism. For those of you who don't know, my colors don't run...period. If you say they do, well pardner, thems is fightin' words. Communist countries own their health care which most definately blows. Communists own their lending companies, but 99% of the time they are so broke they have no money to lend. Back in my US history class we learned that the Republican party wanted a more anonymous central government. It seems to me that is not the case anymore. So is there any difference between the democrats and Republicans? You tell me cause I can't see one. Someone please enlighten me. For me this pushes my colors and makes me want to succeed from the Union...again.
The number two concern is simple, I have student loan debt and the President has not called me to see if I needed a bail out. Which of course I do need a bail-out, big time. My friends Chris's will agree with me here, they could use a bail-out too. If you bail out the people in debt in America will it equal 700 billion dollars? It probably will, but think of what that would do for the economy! We would be dept free and have tons of credit able to get more debt with! Visa corp are you listening?
My last concern is more of a solution taken from my fellow brothers on Magnolia Avenue when they need extra cash. Lets rob a mother. Surely there is some country out there that looks like an all night liquor store (Iraq) waiting to get assaulted. If we still all their oil and sell it we could make a fortune! Mr. Bush please take me seriously. I will even help you, I'll bring the panty hose and guns you just pick me up in the chopper. We can roll up in their capital with our guns blasting saying everyone done this is a mother &*$^&*#& stick-up. Cash here, jewels here, women here, oil here, and children here...we can sell them on the black market for orans like they do in Columbia and China. Of course this is ludacriss, but...it will work.
Now it is time for a serious discussion, succeeding from the Union. All of those in favor of these say I and comment me. I am ready for the Confederate Order of Concerned Kin (C.O.C.K.) to form and rise up against this Communist plan. My next blog will be on Affirmative Action


The Notorious M.E.G., foo said...

This is the best freaking blog I have ever come across in my entire life.

stephsousa said...

... you would write something like this, lol...