Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Joining the Army

Last blog I promised to provide my views on affirmative action, but due to the demand of the media and how much I am supposed to hate the Black man because of his color I will digress that topic for now. As usual my after school routine involves going by some gun shop to waste a ridiculous amount of money so I can prepare for the revolution. The last trip however was the best one yet. No not because I finally got my AK, but because I was approached by an Army recruiter. Let me inform you on the dialogue that took place. Army recruiter (AR for short), "Hi, young man." Me, "What's up g?" AR, "So you like guns and shootin' stuff?" Me, "Hells yeah!" AR, "Well young man, how would you like to shoot people?" Me, "You had me at hello." Long story short I didn't join the army because I am mentally unstable...and I crap too much. The point I wanna make is how well this old man did. He knew exactly how to catch my attention! If everyone recruiter tried this approach I am sure the army would be overflowing with people, but alas there is one point he left out...sometimes they shoot back. Either way my hat is off to the guy for the best recruiter of the year award. Most of the time I don't give them the time of day because if I wanna join the army I call up the Notourious M.E.G. and say beeotch let me in. And besides people like me don't make good soldiers, I shoot everything that moves...twice. The main point is this guy truly loves his job, lucky cracker. Why can't I find a job I truly love? Oh well I thought I would share the funniest recruitment story ever with my three readers. Peace out crackers, tell your mothers and sisters I said hi.

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stephsousa said...

I think you should stick with clinical lab science as your disguise and use your blogging as your superhero strength that you save people with... hehe