Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Farwell to Arms

Alas, the day has come that I have been dreading since January. The United States has passed on, and is sadly an idea of the past. Welcome to the year 2008 and the Peoples Republic of America (thank you Meghan). As you all know, I am not a supporter of a big government. I do not need a big brother telling me what to do every step of every day. If I mess up so what, that's what I got a .357 Magnum for. Which brings me to my topic today, the loss of all my guns. Sure I can keep them till the inauguration in January, but what about after that? Will I lose everyone that I have acquired legally, and use responsibly to protect myself from tyranny? Probably. Thus do this major disagreement, I have decided to contemplate the idea of succeeding from the Union and forming a new state. Will is start a civil war? Nope, I am just one person, but maybe just maybe others will follow in my footsteps. Of course I will be dead and gone by then due to the fact the government will wipe me out. I am not calling for a violent revolution. Just a representation for a nation that still respect democracy and freedom. I want to wake up in the morning and decide who gets my tax dollars. I want to decide how I spend my money, not someone with an excess amount of it telling me how I spend it. So as of this day, I encourage everyone to start writing their congressman and voicing their opinion. Eventually the fire will catch on and it will spread. Just like back in the olden days of Mel Gibson, the people will prevail over tyranny. Http:// follow this link to directly contact good ol' Lamar, and if you prefer Johnny then follow this one, We elected them, now let them know how you feel about the changes that are gonna take place.

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Anonymous said...

The good new is that you get to keep your guns. The bad news is multi-parted as follows: if you own >5 guns your taxes increase 35%, if you own 1-4 guns your taxes increase 25% and if you own 0 guns you will receive a check from the government each month.