Friday, April 17, 2009

Ammo Gouge

For anyone who is interested in guns, you are well aware of the prices being charged and the lack of ammo to give an adequate supply to anyone. Let me tell you my good reader's one thing, there is not an ammo shortage. It is a conspiracy set-up by the manufacturers to drive prices up. I recently frequented a gun shop that use to be very reputable, but now with the "shortage" of guns, there prices have went sky high. If we keep buying the guns at these price of course they will keep selling them at these prices. We need to run these places out of business, and support the people who keep their prices honest. I say we have a G.U.N. party, Gouged Unfairly Now, and protest these sudden increase in prices. I will be glad when my bff gets back and gives the people a real gun shop.