Monday, June 22, 2009

Survival Time

So I have been thinking the last few weeks about the troubling state of the union, and the actuality of it dissolving into a large mess. The odds of this happening are slim to none, but that one percent chance I want to be prepared for. So with no further ado I have decided to put together a post-apocalyptic survival kit.
I have decided to include a survival rifle, food, medical supplies, and clothes. I would love to have some suggestions from you guys to see if there is anything I might need that I have overlooked. I can be narrow minded, especially when it comes to being prepared for things. But when the end is here, my house will be a safe house.


Raging Bull Bee_louie said...

knives..of course
lots of water
water purification tablets
MREs or any type of rations
plastic waterproof bags
bike (better for a zombie type apocalypse)
a way to heat food/water
drugs of course (anti-bacterial/viral/diarrhea)
can opener

that's all I can think of at the moment..

Anonymous said...

What mre do u recommend?